Ceramic coatings

Within the ‘ceramic coatings’ group, we would like to introduce you to some techniques and materials related to ceramics:

  • Coatings
  • Ceramic adhesives and kits
  • Ceramic coatings

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Material properties:

There are several techniques that allow ceramic coatings to be applied, especially on metal parts. With the application of a ceramic coating, properties of metal (such as its toughness) can be combined with, for example, the abrasion-resistant properties of the ceramic coating.

Commonly-used coating techniques are:

• Thermal spraying

• Chemical vapour deposition

• Physical vapour deposition

Thermal spraying enables relatively thick coatings of a few tenths of a mm to be applied onto metal, for example. The coatings applied with chemical vapour deposition or physical vapour deposition are much thinner, up to a few µm.

Thermal spraying and physical vapour deposition are so-called cold techniques, the product temperature remains below the steel tempering temperature. With chemical vapour deposition, the coating temperature is much higher, > 1000 °C.

Ceramic adhesives and kits are used to connect ceramic parts. Ceramic parts can also be adhered to metal parts. Because the ceramic coefficient of expansion may differ greatly from that of the other component to be adhered, it may be necessary to work with multiple glue qualities to bridge this difference. After the first air curing, additional annealing results in a greater adhesive connection strength.

Ceramic kits also offer the possibility to adhere two parts. A kit provides more gap filling capacity.

Gimex supplies a variety of ceramic coatings. The most used type is a Boron Nitride coating. Boron Nitride has a number of excellent non-wetting properties when used with liquid metals such as aluminium, zinc and magnesium.

The coatings can be applied using brushes, rollers or a paint sprayer. Most types can be applied to metals, ceramics and graphite.

The ceramic coatings are supplied as standard in plastic buckets of 5.22 liter (= 6 kg).

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