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Aluminium Oxide tubes are generally produced by extrusion or cold isostatic pressing (CIP). Over time, many extrusion tools have become available. During the extrusion process, three Al2O3 grades are used, i.e.: 99.7% Al2O3 and 60% Al2O3. Two grades are gas-tight. Then there is the third grade, which is a porous 80% Al2O3 extruded. The tubes are available with both ends open, or closed at one end. Depending on the diameter, lengths up to 4000 mm can be produced. Al2O3 tubes are used as thermocouple protection tubes, as wear-resistant inserts in metal tubes, and gas detection tubes in furnaces.

Tubular girders

Silicon carbide tubular girders are frequently used as structural components in furnaces. Their continuous load-bearing capacity also plays an important role here, even at high temperatures. Whereas many ceramic materials lose their strength at higher temperatures, this seldom occurs with silicon carbide. In combination with SiC plates, they are often used for sintering coarse ceramics.

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