Maritime Industry

By using technical ceramics in the maritime industry, there is greater resistance to wear and tear of mechanical parts. The combination of seawater and sand causes steel components to wear quickly, and a significantly longer service life is achieved with ceramics. Not only is the corrosion resistance important here, but also the extremely high hardness ensures that wear and tear is kept to a minimum. The application within this industry is very broad, and the unique properties of technical ceramics can be found from dredgers to fishing boats. Examples of these areas of application are sliding bearings, spray nozzles and plungers.

Blasting nozzles

Aluminium oxide blasting nozzles are frequently used in the dredging industry. To loosen the seabed, a mixture of water and sand is sprayed under pressure, onto the bed. In order to give wear protection from the abrasive materials, the “nozzles” are made from 96% aluminium oxide.

Material specification Al2O3
Sliding bearings

The aluminium oxide sliding bearings are extremely suitable for use in corrosive environments. The bearings themselves are not affected by a saline environment. They are also extremely suitable for use in liquids containing sand or other abrasive particles.

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