Metallurgical industry

In the metallurgical industry, ores are processed into metals. The metals produced are then further processed into strips and bands, for examples. In general, these processes usually take place at high temperatures and in chemical aggressive environments.

Technical ceramics are excellent for use at high temperatures and in aggressive environments.


The high temperature resistance makes crucibles of aluminium oxide or zirconium oxide extremely suitable as a holder for molten metals. Small quantities can easily be melted in laboratories for metallurgical research.

Material specification Al2O3
Thermocouples tubes

Ceramic tubes are frequently used in thermocouples. The two wires used to measure the potential difference are often located in a multi-hole tube, and one or more single-sided closed tubes are slid over it to protect them. Depending on the conditions to which the thermocouple is exposed, different materials are possible: aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide or sialon.

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