Technical ceramics plays an important role in the semiconductor industry. Because of the excellent electrical insulating properties of technical ceramics, it is often used in the semiconductor industry. Even with fast-moving parts, the low density combined with high rigidity has huge benefits. Ceramics also have a high resistance to corrosion and are gas-tight (vacuum).

Manufacturers of chips and resistors, and suppliers of machines used in the production of these parts, are increasingly turning to technical ceramics to provide solutions to their issues.


Magnesium stabilized zirconium oxide is widely used for insulators. The material provides excellent thermal and electrical insulation. In addition, the mechanical properties ensure that this material can be used in many areas. The magnesium stabilized form is extremely stable at temperatures above 200°C, and resistant to humid environments.

Material specification MgO-ZrO2
Precision parts

Rings of yttrium stabilized zirconium oxide are used for accurate positioning in a machine. In addition to the good insulating properties of zirconium oxide, it has a similar coefficient of expansion to steel components, which makes it easy to combine with steel components.

Material specification Y2O3-ZrO2
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