Textile industry

The textile industry uses many different types of yarn for their spinning and weaving processes. During this process, it is important that the separate yarns show no signs of breakage in the individual fibres.

During the process, the yarn is transported along different types of thread guides. These may vary from relatively simple eyelets to more complex pigtails.

The advantage of using ceramic thread guides is that the surfaces the yarn is transported over, have a smooth finish. This, in combination with excellent wear resistance, makes the material supremely suitable for use in the textile industry.

Multiple thread guide

This aluminium oxide thread guide is used as a sustainable solution for guiding thread in a production process. Injection moulding makes it possible to produce even more complex parts at an attractive price level. A wide range of standard products reduces high tooling costs for a first order.

Material specification Al2O3

Alumina eyelets are widely used in the textile industry. Their pink colour results from adding chrome. This ensures a very smooth finish that ensures the threads are not damaged. Eyelets are available in many sizes and can also be made to specification.

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